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contains spoilers for Hotel Transylvania 1&2

Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to the monster based animated comedy movie starring Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez. in the original movie, a vampire named Dracula runs an hotel, all monster hotel. his wife got killed by humans, which made him hate all human kind. until one day, his daughter, Mavis, falls in love with a human.

in the second movie, Jonathan and Mavis have a small child, Dennis. the only problem is that Dennis is a human. Dracula is not happy with that, and will do anything for his grandson to grow his fangs and fly like a bat instead of liking a pink cake monster that likes sharing. Mavis, being an overprotective mother, goes with Jonathan to his home town to check about the possibility of moving to live next to normal people.

Dennis gets along with the other monsters, and befriends Winnie, as they become best friends.

meanwhile, the hotel has became "human friendly" and now its a mixed hotel for both human and monsters alike. it also became completely modernized with IPhone and actual blue tooth, literally. there, Dracy (the vampa) and his gang go on a kind of a road trip with little Dennis to grow his fangs and turn him monster, to make Mavis stay at the hotel.

on that trip Drac tries to show Dennis monstrous skills, like hunting with Wayne the Werewolf, curses with Murray the mummy, and a little flight lesson by dropping from a half broken, way too tall, tower. obviously, they all fail.

back in the human world, Mavis is fascinated by all the amazing inventions, and as Jonhy tries to distract her from calling home to check on little Dennis, until they set fire to a vampire training camp, Mavis flies back home and they race each other who will get to the hotel first. when they get there, Mavis takes the decision to leave to hotel to live in the human world, only after Dennis' fifth birth day.

but Mav has made a mistake. she invited Dracula's dad, Vlad, who is an old fashioned vampire with a army of man-bats and HATES humans. the entire family of Jonhy has to dress up as monsters for the party, so Vlad does not kill any of them.

in the party, Vlad wants to "scare the fangs out of Dennis" by getting his favorite TV monster Kakie to become a hulkish monster, but Drac stops him and says he will not give up his grandson's happiness to make him a monster.

while they a argue, Dennis runs away with Winnie and the bats attack them. as they fight, Winnie gets hurt, and that lets Dennis' inner anger turn him into a full vampire. then the entire family fights together, having a kind of avenger like moment. and when one of the man-bats goes to kill Jonhy, Vlad saves a human for the first time, and the family decides to stay in the hotel.

overall, this movie is great for the family. it has a bunch of modern jokes and even some dirty jokes added. it is certainly a good laugh for you and the pack.

this movie also has some great messages like racism and father to daughter relationship. I recommend this movie to every classic monster fan and I went out of the cinema with great joy.


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