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Well we've got another Fantastic Four movie under the belt and let's be honest; it sucked. Big time. Now I won't go into what went wrong or anything like that but I will say, like so many others before me, that the only reason Fox made this movie was so the rights wouldn't go back to Marvel. And with the Civil War story arc making it's way to the big screen, that's a slap in the face to comic book fans everywhere, and as someone who has read the comic I feel that pain. I'll be sharing my thoughts about why the FF should have been back in Marvel's hands before phase two, how it's possible we could get a surprise Daredevil cameo in the movie, and how the war could affect the rest of the next phase. Before we dive in, I should warn you that there are potential SPOILERS in this article. Ready? Alright here we go.

Fantastic Four's Role (and why Marvel should have them before now)

The Fantastic Four were a huge part of this story, with Reed Richards teaming up with Tony Stark and Hank Pym as figures in the pro-registration movement. Eventually Susan and Johnny Storm join Captain America's underground resistance, which tears the relationships between the four members apart. As huge moviegoers such as myself will understand, character relationships give movies it's tension and make the story all the more interesting. Sure the Avengers were also divided but the Fantastic Four were more than just a team, they were practically family. This losing of his wife and brother-in-law causes Richards to question everything he's done at this point and realizes just how much he's hurt the people he loves. If my research is correct, 'Civil War' has in the works since 2013, and if Fox had just realized that the FF haven't been done right before, they could have just given it back to Marvel and we would have had a better movie than what came out in August.

Effect on Daredevil

Although the dark and brutal Netflix series is more street crime level than saving-the-world-from-an-evil-robot level, I don't think we should rule out the possibility of Daredevil making an appearance in 'Civil War'. He was one of the first to join Steve Rogers' underground resistance and was arrested in his home turf of Hell's Kitchen. I don't know about anybody else but I'll be keeping my eyes open for a little easter egg/reference in the movie.

Phase 3 aftermath

'Civil War' is just the start of the next Marvel lineup so it's safe to assume that whatever happens is going to impact the other movies in some shape or form. 'Black Panther' will probably be facing off against Klaw when his solo feature hits November 3, 2017 but he will probably have the aftermath of the war on his mind. 'Doctor Strange' spends his time fasting and praying in the comic but Benedict Cumberbatch hasn't been cast in the movie, so while his first movie is in the same year, only expect a reference to 'Civil War' the same way 'Ant-Man' referenced 'Age of Ultron'. Thanos probably will probably witness the battle and use this to his advantage as a way of tearing the Avengers apart more easily. After all, what better way to destroy your enemies than when they're apart?

Alright guys, what do you think? Should have this year's 'Fantastic Four' been a Marvel Studios production? Comment down below or send me a tweet at @CanadaComicNerd. Also if you want to read more, click right here!


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