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We've all had that moment whilst watching a movie where you're left speechless, or you have nerd tears, or you shout and jump for joy. Maybe all three of those at the same time if that were possible. I'm 21 and I still freak out when I see giant monsters fighting or aliens destroying cities, and watching heroes fight back with grandeur. Movies tend to bring out the inner child in me, and I have no shame geeking out about it. Lately I've seen some amazing stuff go on in movies, here is my top 10 countdown to the ultimate geek out moments.

10. Jurassic World - The original is an amazing movie that still leaves me in awe and features the pure Spielberg magic he brings to all his films, but in the 2015 sequel there is a moment that blows my mind and it is frickin' awesome. The Mesosaurus, a giant underwater Dinosaur, leaps far out the water grabbing its prey and snapping its jaws down. The special effects, scale and epicness here is enough to leave me speechless!

9. Avengers Age of Ultron - The money shot in the first film of the entire team assembling in one unbroken panning shot is unforgettable and totally epic, however Joss Whedon somehow tops it in the 2015 sequel. During the final battle against Ultron, who summons his army, the Avengers hold off the swarm inside an old church, destroying the robots in their own unique way and holy mother is it epic. Another unbroken long take in glorious 3D capturing the intensity and chaos and pure awesomeness of these superheroes doing what they do best.

8. Edge of Tomorrow - It is a joy to see Tom Cruise play a coward, hearing him scream and cower over and over again. As character development this action sci-fi is a dream when he comes into his own and hones his exo-suit skills. Half way through Cruise storms the beach, saving fellow comrades, running away from fireballs and charging into Emily Blunt, effortlessly taking out Mimic after Mimic. Christophe Beck's brilliant soundtrack "Find Me When You Wake Up" plays out over the top, this moment left me with nerd tears of which I have no shame.

7. All 23 Bond Films - Anytime the British spy says "Bond...James Bond".

6. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Tom Cruise climbs the Burj Khalifa. Enough said.

5. Transformers Age of Extinction - Optimus Prime takes charge on Grimlock wielding a giant sword, calling his Autobots pals and fellow Dinobots to roll out! I think this was the moment during this film I turned into a kid again.

4. Mad Max Fury Road - It's hard to pick a geek-out moment in this film that makes me lose my sh*t completely as there are some many but watching Tom Hardy swing on a pole from car to car as the People Eater's fuel truck goes up in flames is one of the best and biggest moments of the movie.

3. Pacific Rim - Anytime the Jaegers blast their horns, or moments where Kaiju jump out of the water. Robots punching giant monsters for two hours, think Power Rangers on steroids. This is a big, big movie and watching a metal monsters powering up an elbow rocket to takeout an alien creature is glorious.

2. Godzilla - The roar. The mighty fights against the M.U.T.O's, and the atomic breath followed by a victory roar, this left me with the most nerdiest of nerd tears and much like watching sport, I was yelling at the TV with joy to the point of waking up my housemate.

1. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - In my opinion, Quentin Tarantino's revenge masterpiece features the best fight sequence ever. The Bride fights off some of O-Ren Ishii's best, but when the Crazy 88 turn up it's her versus an entire clan of fighters in an epic showdown at The House of Blue Leaves. It is a gloriously gory fight with some of the most insane moves and kills accompanied by a superb soundtrack, awesome camerawork, sharp editing and a lot of flying limbs. My jaw is agape permanently. Nerd tears, speechless and shouting at the screen!

Let me know what you think of this list! Agree, disagree, did I miss any? What are your top 10 ultimate geek out movie moments?


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