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This post is a list of all Hollywood's personalities who have switched between CBM channels - mutants, marvel superheroes and DC superheroes. I have excluded the fantastic four cos they're not really a category.

Natalie Portman

The powerful actress was seen in Thor movies and DC movie - v for vendetta. Personally, I feel she's more suited for DC movies because she's too much talented and is wasting herself in Thor movies.

Hugo Weaving

Similar to Natalie, he too is known for powerhouse performances. He was the red skull and he was V from V for Vendetta. Anyone who's seen V for Vendetta will definitely say that he's tailor made for DC roles.

Bryan Singer

He has made the X-Men movies and he's made the forgettable Superman Returns. He has done well with the X-Men movies and he should stick with this franchise.

Ryan Reynolds

We all know him as Hal Jordan of the forgettable green lantern movie and the titular character of deadpool movie. He is a nice performer and fits in all roles.

Ben Affleck

He's the batman of BvS and he was the daredevil of marvel. After watching the trailer of BvS , we all know which role he's suited for .

Halle Berry

She was the catwoman and she plays storm in X-Men. Without a doubt, she's better as auroro munroe.

Michael Clarke Duncan

He played kilowog in green lantern and played the kingpin in the daredevil movie. None of those movies showcased his acting talent.

That's all for this post. Please revert back if I've missed anyone. Any feedback is always welcome.


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