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I like getting freaked out by ghost stories but I don't know why. Especially since I'm a scary cat as it is. But I have a story of my own as well. About 3 and a 1/2 years ago my Dad died from cancer and because it was too far gone in his body, there was nothing more that the doctors could do but make him more comfortable at home with the little time that he had left on this earth.

I had been over to my Dad's house with my Mom and a nurse that came over early that morning to check on my Dad and to make sure that he was comfortable. My Mom wanted to make sure that if he was going to pass away and be with the Lord, he would leave this earth at home with family. Later on that evening as I was getting ready to head home to get my things together so that I could come back the next day and spend my fathers remaining time with him (since the nurse said he would only make it to the end of the week) I gave my Dad a hug and a kiss and told him I would be back early the next morning. Even to this day, I wish I had never left that night. I had a weird feeling about him before I left. Like that moment with him would be my last. But I told myself that I was I scaring myself and that I was over thinking and analyzing everything as usual.

About two hours after I had finished packing my bags for my week stay at my mothers, I had finally laid down but couldn't fall right off to sleep. Something was nagging at me. I wasn't sure what it was but my Dads face just kept popping in my head. After about another hour or so I had finally drifted off to sleep, but no sooner do I fall asleep I feel like someone is staying over me. So I sit up so fast I almost choke on air and then I lay back down telling myself that I'm just tired. Again I feel like someone is standing over me but, no one is there. I hear a comforting voice calling my name " Angela", so I open my eyes and no one is there. I drift off to sleep again, "ANGELA" I hear and this time its loud and clear. It's my Dad and he is calling my name. But how is that? I'm at home in bed and so is he. Then it hits me, he's gone! I know at that moment that he has just passed away. So I jump out of bed and look for my cell phone and just as I spot it, it starts to ring. So my husband picks up and hands me the phone and its my Mom telling me that my Dad had just passed away.

It's a blessing to me that my Dad made a stop to see me before moving on to the next world but it also breaks my heart because if I had just followed my first mind and just stayed that night instead of going home to get clothes, I could have been with him when he took his last breath.


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