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Today on the show we have JC De la Torre as a guest promoting his new book Star Mage! Miguel tells a funny story and gets exposed for the Twihard he really is. The Thaniel Giveaway is running until March 8th, so please design 4×6 flyers we can use for a chance to win! Lastly, we talk a little about Marvel and DC animated movies, and give our top picks for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day!

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Below is the list of books we read this week!

7Th Sword #1 (Miguel’s Pick of the Week)

Avengers Undercover #3 (Miguel’s #2 Book)

Batman Eternal #3

Bunker #3

Daredevil #2

Dead Body Road #5

Evil Empire #2 (Justin’s #1 Book)

Fuse #3

Guardians of the Galaxy #14

Larfleeze #10

Original Sin #0

Sheltered #8

Sovereign #2

Superman #30

Thaniel #2

Thief of Thieves #20

Thunderbolts #25

Uncanny Avengers #19 (Justin’s Pick of the Week)

Undertow #3 (Justin’s #2 book, Miguel’s #1)

Walking Dead #126

Zero #7


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