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Last night my wife and i rented the remake of the 1980's classic "Poltergeist". I'll be honest i didn't have a lot of hopes for this movie to start off with but i went in with an open mind anyways. Sadly as i predicted the movie was a huge let down. The acting was a joke if i didn't know any better i would have guessed this was made by a high school student with a mac book and his friends.

At no point do you ever really get sucked into the movie by character development, Most of the plot doesn't even try to make sense. *Spoilers*. The movie starts off with a family driving in their mini van through what is clearly a nice subdivision, even though the parents are making comments like "sorry kids this is the only house in our budget" as if they are moving into a slum apartment in the inner city. Yet even still clearly being middle class and having nice things and about to move into a nice new house the oldest child (Saxton Sharbino) Still sits in the back just finding things to complain about. After arriving at the new home we learn that the father (Sam Rockwell) Worked for John Deer but was laid off and now isn't working and that the mother is a stay at home mom. So at this point we see that there is no income and yet for some reason a family of five is buying a very nice house in a very nice area, what sense does that make? Also there really isn't anything "supernatural" leading up to the big finally, yes the TV scene " They're here" is in it and there is a scene where a ball rolls by itself but other than that there really isn't anything.

The other major problem with this movie is 99% of it is C.G.I and really bad C.G.I. at that. It could have been a lot more scary or at least suspenseful had they used real people in the "other side" scenes. There is a scene where a tree breaks the skylight above the middle child's(Kyle Catlett) bed and grabs him and pulls him out the window and is shaking him around while he screams at the top of his lungs (and yet none of the neighbors hear this and come out to investigate). While that is going on the youngest girl (Kennedi Clements) gets sucked into the closet into the "other side" and the oldest been pulled into a hold in the garage floor while what looks like sewage spews out (both of whom are also screaming very loud).

Finally we get to see where the little girl went via a drones that the son flies into the portal. Once inside we are exposed to the cheesiest scene of dead souls that i have ever seen in a major budgeted film ($35 million dollars).

This is a more believable spirit found online.
This is a more believable spirit found online.

I won't go into very much detail because there really isn't much to say on this part of the movie except had they not been lazy and used real people for the souls it would have at least looked better and more believable and not lame.

After the little girl is back in the arms of her family the load up into the van to drive away. The little girl then says " They didn't go into the light" everyone begins to freak out and tells the father to drive but surprise surprise they can't the house is of course stopping them and the proceeds to pull the whole van into the house to suck the girl back into the portal. After saving the girl again they finally are safe and sound after a joker reality TV star sacrifices himself to the house.

We then see the family pull into another drive way for a walk through of a house (even though they just bought a house and still have NO INCOME). The realtor starts off saying that the house has lots of closet space to which the little girl says that the last closet ate her. Then the family just leaves as soon as the realtor turns her back. Driving away they all of stupid grins on their face.



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