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Sources have revealed that Peter Capaldi is set to hang up his signature Crombie coat, fold away the sonic sunglasses and hand over the keys to the TARDIS in the closing months of 2016, in a two-part Winter special, set during the origins of the Cybermen on their home-world, Mondas.

The news comes just two months after Private Eye exclusively revealed that there would be no full, thirteen episode series next year due to the BBC's commitments with 'sexy-wexy' Sherlock.

Inside sources have divulged that, at approximately 1:26pm, a boxing-match between Capaldi and Moffat occurred in the BBC canteen, following an argument over The Doctor's controversial new device, the sonic satsuma.

The fracas resulted in both men being banned from the BBC canteen, where most of Series 10 of Doctor Who was set to be filmed following catastrophic budget cuts. Despite appeals, the duo's ban will never be lifted, and are therefore unable to physically appear on set.

One eye witness, who was dining at the time, taking advantage of the unlimited-rice-pudding hour, recalled the event as "ghastly", whereas another described them as "relationship goals".

There is currently no word on who will dethrone Capaldi for the 2017 series, however it is alleged that legendary comedienne Whoopi Goldberg is being eyed for the role, along with screenwriting superstar, Tommy Wiseau, rumoured to replace Moffat as head writer and executive producer of the show.

The sonic satsuma debuts this Christmas.

Please note: As of this time, this is all rumour and has not yet been officially confirmed by the BBC.


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