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Now, as i'm sure you're /all/ aware, Ryan Reynolds is set to star in the new Deadpool movie early next year. This movie has certainly been a long time coming, and Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice for the titular role. But who, if anyone else, could step up to the plate?

Andrew Garfield

So, now that The Amazing Spider-Man is good and done, Andrew Garfield is free to frolick in the world of Hollywood. Spidey and Deadpool have teamed up on numerous occasions, and one of the main reasons their dynamic works is the way they can bounce their humour off of each other so perfectly. One of the best characteristics of Garfield's Spiderman was his humor, and couple that with his acrobatic skill, and we'd have a brilliant Deadpool!

Bradley Cooper

Another actor from a Marvel film, Bradley Cooper played Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. More than capable of playing the troubled, yet humerous character, I think Cooper would be perfect in the role. I mean, did you see him in The Hangover? The guy's hilarious!

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