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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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Recently The Flash & Arrow both returned to TV. It seems to me that fans of Flash are a bit fanboyish in over looking some issues while Arrow's talk of changed wasn't as I feared. I love both shows but they aren't perfect. They both have different styles of story telling & everyone has their preferences. I am gonna give my thoughts & reactions to the first two episodes of the series. I may plan to do this for the rest of the season but I'll be out of town for two weeks following this Friday. Let's get to the good, the bad, & the ugly of it all.

Let's start with The Flash because it left me with so many thoughts. The biggest & most glaring error in this wasn't over looked but ignored. In season one, Eddie shot himself. Which meant that everyone in his future bloodline would not exist. Which is what defeated Reverse Flash. We see him go back to his original form before being erased. So this should have rewritten time. With everything Reversed Flash did, never happening. Barry's mum wouldn't have been murdered. Wells & his wife wouldn't have been murdered. Barry probably wouldn't have his powers yet. Instead, all this happens. The time line isn't effected in any way nor is it addressed. I watch Doctor Who & this has came up before & they would have addressed it. I feel almost insulted by this. I'm annoyed because no one else seems to have issue with it. They just accept it.

The first episode seem to have a list of things to check off & wrap up. We were thrown into a "monster of the week" episode while filling in the blanks of season one's cliffhanger in a flashback. The on going saga of Barry's dad being in jail was warped up. Of course he wasn't out of jail for 5 minutes & he's leaving town for reasons that sound like, "I don't want to cramp your style". They set up the season in a good simple way. I do feel I would have enjoyed it more if the people behind these shows didn't feel the need to tells us everything. Zoom would have been an awesome shock but we were told about him months ago. So no surprise at the moment we are suppose to feel surprised.

In season one it was hammered home that Barry wasn't the Arrow. Season two Flash has murdered two meta humans from Earth 2 & no one says anything. No even Iris who has become the voice of reason this year. Maybe I'm being too hard? I know I personally don't like the Iris character & feel the romance of her & Barry was forced because, it happened in the comic so it must in the tv show too. I liked the idea of Barry & Caitlin Snow together. I liked their chemistry. I wasn't aware there was a SnowBarry ship but I'm in. That's probably why I extremely reject this obvious romantic rout they are going with Snow & Garrett. However at the same time, I loved Patty & the possible romance there so who knows.

I do like having Professor Stein around Star labs. The stuff they are doing with Vibe & him being scared of his powers. The second episode was better than the first episode. It had less going on so we can focus more on the story. The time holes remind me of Primeval. In that show holes to other time periods open & they had to close them & return anything that may have came through. On Flash it's to Earth 2 & they're killing anyone but Garrett that comes through. As of now they don't have to close them. Probably because they aren't staying open & going crazy. I have no guesses of whom Zoom is but I'm happy it's not as confusing as it is in the comic. It's nice to see Wells is alive on Earth 2. No idea what role he'll play but he was the best part of season one. Zoom has a hard act to follow because Reverse Flash was one of the all time best.

Arrow's season three seem to be disliked by a lot. I still enjoyed but it had a tough act to follow in season two. Plus the storyline with Ra's was a known Batman story so this gave some people reason to hate. The was a lot of characters being introduced & going through changes. Maybe too many? It wasn't as bad as some would say in my opinion. Season four seems promising & is off to a good start.

I am not a fan of Diggle's helmet. I don't think anyone does. A motorcycle helmet would have worked better. While I'm getting the negative out of the way. I'm not a fan of Star City. I think it sounds fake & comic booky. I know it's based on a comic book but the show was set up being grounded in a reality similar to The Dark Knight trilogy. Starlin City sounds like it could be real. Where as Star doesn't to me. That's minor & I'll have to live with it. Just like the Green Arrow thing. So Arrow dies & is replaced by Green Arrow. He's outfit is brighter & slightly different. Otherwise looks & sounds like The Arrow so it must be someone else! I also have issues with Speedy. Not Willa Holland because she fills that suit nicely. But for 3 seasons "Speedy" was her nickname by her brother. I imagine anyone that knows them knows this. So why would her code name be the same? Plus...She looks like Green Arrow but has the red theme color. even her arrows are red. So why wouldn't she be Red Arrow? Where is the logic? I don't care about what things are in the comics because it doesn't always work on TV. I like that it's a running gag that she wants to be called Red Arrow but Oliver being controlling wants her to be Speedy. These are minor & not distracting like a major event that should effected the time line being ignored.

This show also suffers for too much being told. Part of that is also Legends of Tomorrow. The Atom was presumed dead but we know he lives because he's on LOT. Sara Lance is becoming White Canary so we know she's brought back as well. While we were told Damien Darhk was the big bad this year, I wasn't upset about that. Mainly because it was set up in season 3. I;m also not sure if he really is the big bad. I know he works with H.I.V.E. & may be the leader. I just get a filling he isn't the true big bad. I could be wrong.

I like the story element of the Pit having effects on Thea (finally) & that they are mixing it in with Laurel Lace's obsession with her sister. Sara was dead for about a year now & the effects of the Pit should be way more extreme. At the same time, I don't want everyone using it to cheat death. This also makes me wonder if Ra's al Ghul will return this season. He surely had loyal followers who would do this for him. or a daughter or son we haven't seen that has access to a pit. We know Darhk has one somewhere.

Anrky must be gaining popularity. I never heard of him until a couple of years ago when I heard he was in Batman: Arkham Origins. Then he appeared in Beware The Batman. Now he's in Arrow. I also like that he wasn't a one off villain or killed off/wasted like Firefly from season one. He seems interesting so far & since he was nearly burned alive by Red Arrow, that he'll be wearing a mask next time. Maybe he could gain favor with the homeless & have them fight his battles for him. I think it would add something. Team Arrow would have to rethink things so not to hurt these people who are pretty much brain washed.

Still enjoying the relationship with Oliver & Felicity. It's cute & felt natural to me. It happened over seasons. If they wanted Laurel & Oliver back together then something dramatic would have to happened that would wake those feelings. Because they barley interact with each other now. I was enjoying this relationship that was forming with Laurel & her sister's ex lover Nyssa al Ghul. I don't think it was sexual/romantic but it could have been. That would have been some payback for Sara sleeping with Oliver when they were together. Regardless, it's going to be awkward when Laurel is wanting her sister brought back. Perhaps this could lead Nyssa bringing her father back after she sees it could work? The flashbacks are back on the island & somehow has made them more interesting.

I can't forget about the flash forward. Someone is dying towards the end of the season. It makes the most sense that it's Felicity. Oliver did kill the original Count Vertigo to save her. So it wouldn't be far fetch for him to willing do it again to whoever is reasonable. He didn't say it was Darhk so this could support my theory of him not being the true big bad. Of course it could be Diggle too. I don't want either to be killed off but it is Arrow. Some people have claimed that Oliver isn't upset enough for it to be Felicity or Thea while I felt he was overcome by anger/revenge than mourning. Time will tell. I liked the twist of Captain Lance working with Darhk. Like to see how this came about. Oliver running for mayor is interesting. I understand it was a storyline in the comics too. I hope it's not one of those things where everyone learns he is the Green Arrow. I am not a fan of heroes with no secret identities. It's less interesting.

Arrow is going great. I prefer their style of story telling because it allows things to settle in & when something dramatic happens, it holds more weight. Flash's story telling works for them but it's a slow build for things to hit the fan. The shows are night & day & I'll hate if they change that. They have already but not too much yet. Zoom is mysterious & has me intrigued. Darhk isn't as interesting as Ra's but he's also a character with little history. Flash had a number of things that bothered me but I still enjoyed it overall. Hope they will address some things but I doubt it. I'm excited to see Captain Cold but not excited to see his dad. Arrows Gambit like villain is meh. Not a fan of meta humans on Arrow. Arrow is the Batman of this universe. his villains shouldn't be super powered as those fit best with Flash. Anyhoo, I can't wait to see them. Feel free to correct me or leave your thoughts & theories. Now, let's hood up!


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