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Biopics: they capture a person's life through a camera, a silver screen, and with someone else acting as the person in question. Here are five underrated biopic transformations and performances:

1. Hitchcock

Director Sasha Gervasi added knowledge for those who didn't know much about the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in the 2012 biopic Hitchcock. Sir Anthony Hopkins took on the role becoming nearly unrecognizable with an all star cast behind him. The film takes a look behind the scenes of the classic horror film, Psycho and expresses struggles in the film industry, relationships, and Hitch's love for his leading ladies.

2. Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy is the story of punk icon and former bass player of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) and his former girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb). The couple is tragically famous for Sid being accused of stabbing Nancy to death with a knife in 1978. The case was never fully resolved due to Sid Vicious overdosing shortly after he was bailed out of prison for the murder of his girlfriend. After Sid died, they pinned Nancy's death on him just assuming that it was a typical "junky murder." Friends and family of the couple still to this day don't believe that Sid killed his love and that it was a drug dealer who killed Nancy while Sid was asleep. The case is still a mystery.

3. My Week With Marilyn

My Week With Marilyn follows the third assistant director (Eddie Redmayne) of the 1957 film, The Prince and the Showgirl as he unsurprisingly falls in love with Marilyn Monroe during his time working with her. Marilyn is played by Michelle Williams who completely embraces the beautiful icon, nearly making you forget that this isn't real footage of Marilyn Monroe.

4. Ed Wood

Ed Wood is one of Tim Burton's most criminally underrated films. Johnny Depp takes on the role of Ed Wood, who was known for being a cross-dressing, B-movie writer, director, and actor. The film reflects on his life struggling in Hollywood during the 1950s and working with talents such as Bela Lugosi, Vampira, and many more.

5. Chaplin

We all know and love Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but do you know him as the original comedic genius Charlie Chaplin? If you're an RDJ fan then you must witness his performance in this 1992 biopic. The film educates people on the sad and controversial life that master, comedy filmmaker Charlie Chaplin lived.


Do you think these films capture these true stories well?

Have you seen any of these films? What's your favorite biopic? Let's get a conversation going in the comment section below!


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