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Crimson Peak follows our protagonist Edith, an aspiring author in the late 19th century, who leaves the comfort of her privileged life in New York to an eerie house in England for her new found love. In the beginning, Edith is attempting to publish a ghost story, but to her dismay is turned away many times because she is a woman and should be "writing a love story." Much like the story that we follow in Crimson Peak, she describes her novel as "a love story that just happens to have ghosts in it." And much like her story, the ghosts are real, and they have a dire warning for Edith...Beware of Crimson Peak.


My favorite part of the movie is that Guillermo del Toro builds a compelling story revolving around Crimson Peak. We are thrown into a love story that is filled with mystery, murder and emotion. Although this story revolves around love, there are some very graphic scenes. One scene reminded me of one particular scene in Pan's Labyrinth that involved a rabbit hunter and a wine bottle. You know which scene I'm talking about.

You will find yourself trying to solve the mystery of Crimson Peak the entire time, which allows you to lose yourself and really become engrossed in Edith's quest for love and the truth behind the ghosts that have haunted her for nearly her entire life.

What is the mystery behind Crimson Peak? You'll have to see it for yourself to find out. And if you aren't a horror fan, have no fear. Crimson Peak is much more of a dark fairy tale, and this dark fairy tale is done beautifully. The story is filled with technicolor specters and gorgeous costumes.

Go see it and let me know what you think!


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