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The multiverse is back. The events of Crisis has been totally undone. The characters from before Flashpoint have returned, but are now inside the reality of the new 52. But, nobody else knows they are there. What are these heroes to do in this new world? Well, try and save this universe from the horrors that they witnessed in their own world. They saw friends become enemies and enemies become friends.They are not used to this world, and they will do anything possible to ensure that the horrors they saw will not happen again. But, how can they do this when the universe doesn't even know they exist? These are the questions that are being posed in the new series Superman: Lois and Clark written by fan-favorite writer Dan Jurgens("Doomsday" fame).

Lois and Clark are back from their amazing series of "Convergence" and they are with their new child also. This is the love that we remembered from all those many years in the DC universe, as the first real "super-couple" return for more stories. Their first mission is to ensure that the Cyborg Superman doesn't come to this universe and cause an immense amount of pain like he caused in the universe before Flashpoint. Superman Lois and Clark #1 is off at a great start. If you're not liking how the other Superman stories are going currently or just want to see more versions of the man of steel, it is highly recommend checking this comic out. It feels like walking back into the days before New 52 started, but still delivering new adventures that will make it a series fans praise for a long time. Fans of the older universe would be pleased with this story as everything that we loved about Lois and Clark are in full bloom in this comic. Lois is not the reporter that exposes Supermans identity like we are seeing now in the series. Clark is not a powerless superhero like he is now in the comics. In fact, Jurgens finds a way to tell the story and showing us just how different these characters are actually, and also shows the disgust these characters have for the heroes of this universe. This is not their universe and they will ensure that they will stay as heroes. But in all seriousness, Superman: Lois and Clark #1 is a great start to a book that may prove itself to be a real crossover hit for fans of different generations. No creative team could be a better choice to usher this new era than Jurgens and Weeks, and no characters deserve the love they have to give more than Lois and Clark. There's alot that this comic can do and i'm looking forward to see where it goes next. I give this first issue a 8 out of 10.


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