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Looks like Nathan Fillion.

Alright, hear me out; imagine a F4 movie(an actually good one) that involves tims travel and alternate dimensions. The villain for this movie is Kang The Conquer who travels here from the 40th century to stop the creation of the Fanastic Four. Kang tries to kill them before they acquire their abilities but fails because Reed...does something.

The rest of the movie involves alternate timelines and space travel. I didn't brainstorm that much for it because even if I do write a script for it, 20th Century Fox wouldn't buy it because the F4 just doesn't make money. Also, Kang and Doctor Doom are partners in the future and Doom has a small cameo near the end that involves a fight between him and Reed and nearly killing the F4. So, yeah.

I've decided to make a fan-cast for this movie. It took a very long time to decide who I wanted( especially Doom) and this is the end result. Enjoy, I guess.

Eddie Redmayne as Mr.Fantastic.

Kind of a young guy, but not to young. Kind of an older guy, but not to old. I feel as though he is the perfect choice. He's very handsome and he has nice hair. Just die his hair black, and you got your Mr. Fantastic. Fun Fact: this guy was one of the contenders for the role of Doctor Doom in the 2015 F4 reboot. Can you imagine that?

Diane Kruger as The Invisable Woman.

I kinda discovered her by accident. I don't think I've ever watched anything with her in it. I only chose based purely on looks.

Sam Caflin as The Human Torch

A young, handsome looking actor. He's got the right look and the right hair. I've only ever seen him in one role, which was where he played Finnick in Catching Fire, who was a very sarcastic and cheeky character. Perfect for The Human Torch.

Troy Baker as The Thing

A well-known, talented actor who is used to the motion capturing required to bring The Thing to life. He's got a wide acting range that expands from Joel from The Last Of Us to The Joker, so playing The Thing won't be a problem for him.

Mads Mikkelson as Victor Von Doom.

An older, talented actor who is used to playing villainous characters. Definitely better than Toby Kebbell.

Casie Affleck as Kang The Conquer.

Again, I'm basing this off looks alone. Don't know anything about this guy other than the fact that he's Ben Affleck's younger brother. He just looks like he could play a villain, you know?

Bonus: Amr Waked as Moon Knight.

I know, this has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four, but on a previous fan-cast I chose the wrong person for Moon Knight. I'm only recently finding out that Moon Knight is Egyptian and I picked a white actor to play him; my bad.


Welp, that's the end of this fan-cast. Hope you liked my choices; if not, tell me who you would pick instead. Or even if you do like my choices, you should still tell your picks. I would love to know.


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