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In the last few months, we have learned that in the wake of "Secret Wars", Marvel was slowly going to become an Avengers world. There was going to be a number of different Avengers comics and even more series based on the characters that appear in those books. Almost everyone who is anyone in the Marvel universe is now an Avenger. But, one series that had the most potential was "New Avengers" which was going to focus on Sunspot's team of Avengers. This team was going to consist of a number of characters that have never been on the team before, and some fan-favorite B-grade characters(like Wiccan and Hulkling) who are in the series because fans just love them. But, will these characters be able to work in a series that is more about characters then it is on the singular term "character".

New Avengers takes place 8 months after the ending of "Secret wars"(which isn't even close to being over yet), and alot has happened during that time period. But, that's part of the problems with this comic as we are thrust into the story and have no clue why it's even happening. Their first foe is something that is less scary then they even appear to be, a bunch of crystal headed monsters that was created by alternate universe Reed Richards(who now goes by the name "the Maker"). New Avengers #1 isn't a bad comic, but one that feels like it is lacking and needed a bit more work done. Some parts of it feel new reader friendly and others don't. It's not very exciting, doesn't give you much to chew on, and the artwork isn't very good when it comes to the characters. It's just a middle of the road, kind of underwhelming superhero comic. Characters seem more out of place then usual and the dialogue doesn't really work for the characters that are saying them. Even The Maker doesn't seem that threatening as he slowly becomes a basic world-domination supervillain. I have faith that Ewing will be able to right this ship before it totally sinks, but this first issue did little to make me want to come back next month.In actuality, it was a very forgettable comic that I barely even remember reading a day later. Unless Ewing unifies his approach and works on his group dynamics and puts some laser-focus onto characterization, I can't see me or anyone else sticking around to see if this group ever gels into a team worthy of the name Avengers. I give this comic just a 4 out of 10.


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