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I'm completely addicted to Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I've been collecting since 2012 and own over 300 and counting! (Oh, I also have a wife
Matthew Coker

These are a the Pop! Rides from my personal collection!

Pictured from left to right:

1. The Crystal Ship w/Jesse Pinkman (Green Shirt) - Breaking Bad
2. The Turtle Van w/Michelangelo (Pizza Slice) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3. Ecto-1 w/Winston Zeddemore - Ghostbusters
4. DeLorean Time Machine w/Marty McFly - Back to the Future
5. '66 Batmobile w/'66 Batman - Batman The TV Series

There are more Rides out there, including Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck, Scareface's Ride, Darrell Dixon's Motorcycle, Agent Coulson's sexy red hovercar, and there's even an Ant-Man Pop Ride coming soon of Ant-thony the flying ant!

These things are fun, but vary on quality and ever on what the product is made of. For instance, the Time Machine is made of vinyl and is a little soft, but most of the rest are made of simple molded plastic.

Whatever they're made of... they sure look nice lined up together!

(5 bonus points to anyone who can tell me who that is wearing the fez behind all of the Pop! Rides! Hint: "Meh!")


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