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Avengers and Marvel superheros are my forte, as well as Star Wars and some Star Trek
Nicholas Baumgartner

Everyone has favorite moments from movies. The moment the hero smites the villain, the climax when the battle culminates, the dramatic death of a main character (although if that's your favorite part, you might need to see someone). But where would all these scenes be without the movie scores?

John Williams, a music master.
John Williams, a music master.

Imagine Star Wars without its iconic main theme, Jaws without the "buh-bum" of the shark hunting its prey, Avengers without the majestic crescendos and sudden fillers. They wouldn't be the same, right? Well, that means we need to start giving the music the credit it deserves.

There are tons of composers, conductors and musicians that you and I have never heard of, but that's not a reason to ignore their exploits. Everyone has heard the name of John Williams, who has conducted some of the most famous movie scores of all time, including Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones. But how many of us know who conducted the Harry Potter movies, which are almost as significant? Or Star Trek, the old and new? My point is, that the music is an important and integral part of our favorite movies and TV shows. Without music, we have no filler for when the actors aren't talking, or there is a dramatic climax. I have never once read a movie review that mentions anything about the conductors or composers. We need to give credit where credit is due, and tip our hats to the people who give the movies we know and love their dramatic flair.


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