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Nicholas Baumgartner

We all revere the actors in the movies and shows we watch, But when we don't like something, we blame the actors for making the character look bad. On the flip side, when something awesome happens, we praise the actors for being so whatever it is we think they are. But the thing is, we can't blame the actors for all the problems.

Ben Affleck, in case you don't know.
Ben Affleck, in case you don't know.

For instance, Ben Affleck. People think that his Daredevil movie was absolute trash, and bashed him when it was announced he would play Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. But the thing that I have realized, having auditioned for multiple lead roles myself, is that directors are the ones who evaluate the people who come to audition, and make the final decision on who's who. So if you have a problem, take it up with the directors. Now, that's not saying that the directors are completely to blame for a film's problems, but directors make decisions on how they want the actors to look and act in certain places. So not everything can be blamed on actors.

On the other side, the actors can't be given too much credit. People say how good actors and actresses look, but forget that the only reason that they look so good is because they have personal hairdressers and make-up professionals at their beck and call. Besides, at least one actor is in the middle of making a movie, so they have to look a certain way, which usually isn't homely, but you never know. What I'm saying is that you can't give actors too much credit, because contrary to popular belief, actors do not know how to do everything.

he reason that movies and TV shows have credits is to recognize all the people who made the production possible. ALL the people, because the movies aren't just cameras and actors and directors. There's a lot of people who deserve recognition, and the place to start is to stop assuming that everything is on the actors.


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