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Len Wiseman will be directing the sixth installment to the Die Hard franchise, Die Hard: Year One. Wiseman also directed 2007's Live Free Or Die Hard. If you're like me you should be as incredibly excited for the action packed film.

The sixth movie is said to be a prequel and sequel, as it will feature the origin story of John McClane (Bruce Willis), but will also show the present time. The story will take place mostly in 1979 and show the early life of McClane when he was just a regular police officer for the NYPD. The actor who is going to play the younger John McClane is unknown at the moment, but I'm sure 20th Century Fox will bring a bright young actor for the role. They might add Joseph Gordon-Levitt since he played a younger Bruce Willis in the movie Looper. As for me I would like to see actors Scott Eastwood or Garrett Hedlund to play John McClane. Some people are even saying Daniel Radlciffe or Shia LaBeouf should play as the young John McClane.

Wiseman and producer Leonardo di Bonaventura could be focusing the movie on how John McClane became the toughest cop in New York City or simply how he started to have a die hard lifestyle.


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