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Toy Story 4 Re-turn OF Bo peep

So as andy grew older . Times Began To Change . The Toy's would start to wonder about the other missing toys and how They Were And What They Were Up Too . But The Only Ones Who Could Find That Out Is Woody And Buzz But They Got Donated To That Little Girl At The End Of The Third Movie So . It Should Start Off By Them Waking Up In Her Room And Getting A Call From Zurge Say That He Has The Girl And If They Do Not Bring Him Buzz She Will Suffer . Letting The Story Line Fill It's Movie Length . Only To Know That .That Surge Has Her And They Travel Back To The Pizza Palace only to meet the little green guys again . And They Help Search For Bo peep Only To Realize That's not all they were looking for , Along the way they meet new CHaracters Chat And Dory A Robotic Henchmen And A Barbie Doll Smoker . So As They Make Their Way Thru The Pizza Palace They Joined By The New Characters . When They Find Bo Peep She's Locked Away In The So Called Spacecraft van . And Zurge flees the scene With Bo Peep The Henchmen Grabs The Bumper And hangs On For The Ride . When They Finally Stop The Henchmen Phones Buzz And Woody So After They Find Their Location At An Abandoned Warehouse Where Surge Is Fought By Buzz And Woody To Win The Girl Zerge Falls Into A Bat of carmel And Is Still Holding On to Bo peep As She Slips . The Evil Buzz From The Second MOvie Arrises To Hold Buzz while Woody's Arm Is Starting To Rip . When All Of a sudden the bolts on the stairwell Break, evil buzz is slung into the carmel batter and buzzy ju,ps to woody's rescue Saving Him And Bo Peep Then to Hear Zurge And Buzz Say This Is Not Over Yet . And Sinks deep into the carmel Buzz And Woody Meet Back Up With The Rest Of the Team And Goes Back To Their New Owner When They Arrive TO See A New Toy Back His Name Is Buzz XL .....


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