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I'm completely addicted to Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I've been collecting since 2012 and own over 300 and counting! (Oh, I also have a wife
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Let's take a closer look at The Amazing Spider-Man Funko Pop! This is the third Pop I've acquired and the first one I received as a gift. This one was given to me by my wife and it was the Pop that tipped the scale from "I just want a couple of these" to "I will own ALL THE POPS!"

Let's do it.

The Review:

"The Amazing Spider-Man" was a pretty good movie and Andrew Garfield was wonderful in the role of Peter Parker. Too bad the sequel was a giant turd-blossom. But then again, now we get Spider-Man in the MCU next year, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

But I digress.

This Pop is slightly off, in my opinion.

First off, the Marvel Pops are bobble-heads, which I hate. Marvel and Star Wars Pops are universally bobble-headed because of already existing toy deals with other companies, and it's awful.

Some people like the bobbling. Those people are wrong.

There are many reasons I hate bobble-head Pops, but the main one you can see in the photo above. See how the head is off center? Yup. And if you try to fix it, you just wind up making it worse. And you can't tell if a Pop's head will be off-center because in the box, it appears normal because of the packaging.

And this is hardly the worst one. This one I can kinda say he's just giving a sassy head turn to the viewer, but everyone knows it's a lie. He's got chicken-neck disease. Spider-Chicken-Neck-Man.

But let's set that aside.

The design is a little wonky as well. First of all, the webbing is simply cut into the red, but not painted black. Makes his body look like it's covered in scales, like Aquaman's shirt. The head doesn't look as bad, but I think it would have benefited from black lines as well.

Speaking of the head, what it up with the eyes? I understand they wanted to preserve the rounded eye shape (this was before they got a little lax on the designing rules for the eyes, body shapes, and what-have-you), but it looks strange in the middle of those black, almost cat-like, eye frames. Then, the eyes are gold. Yes, I checked, they were gold-ish in the movie too (kindly like sunglasses), but they just don't match the rest of the Pop. I would have preferred the standard white, but the color I guess I can't fault them on because they were staying true to subject of the Pop.

But the gold eyes combined with the shape of the black frames... just look at them. They belong on a Catwoman Pop, not Spider-Man. Gross.

The Spider emblems are pretty solid. The red and blue of the suit, however feel too bright. And again, i think the fault lies with not making the web-lines black (which they were in the movie, too, so, no excuses here).

Not the best Pop in existence, but at least there are a lot of awesome Spider-Man Pops out there to take the sting out of this bomb.

There is a Glow-in-the-Dark variant of this Pop from Gemini Collectibles that is now worth $95.00 and a metallic version from the 2012 San Deigo Comic Con that now sells for $195.00! Both were also available in Japan. No thanks.

RATING: 2/10

Pros: Kinda stays true to the movie costume. Spider emblem is good. Represents the only good movie of the 2.

Cons: I hate bobble-head Pops. Chicken-neck disease. Catwoman eyes. Aquaman-like body scales. Too bright (he's not Superman, folks). Represents the only good movie of the 2.

Estimated Value: $17.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide.)


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