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Charlie and the Chocolate starring Johnny Depp is riddled with little facts and easter eggs, too many to count! So I'm here to present to you 5 facts about the chocolaty sweet movie!

1. Marlon Brando Was In The Movie (Kind of)

Johnny Depp has stated multiple times that one of his favorite actors of all time is Marlon Brando. Sadly though, Brando died during the filming of the movie. Brando was known for his tendency to mumble when delivering dialogue, so in the scene where Wonka shouts "Mumbler!" at Mike Teavee, that is a reference to the late actor.

2. Mr. Bucket Works For The Joker

Smilex, the company that Charlie's dad works for in the movie, is a reference to the 1989 film 'Batman' starring Michael Keaton. In the movie, the Joker concocts a series of products called 'Smilex'. Batman was also directed by Tim Burton.

3. Johnny Depp's Inspiration

Depp has said in an interview that he based his version of Wonka on how he thinks George W. Bush would act while stoned. He also used game show hosts and children's show hosts, like Fred Rogers, as his references for his performance. Depp said that Willy Wonka would be "part Howard Hughes-reclusive, part 1970s glamorous rock star."

4. Real Gobstoppers Were In The Movie

In the same room as the "three-course meal" gum machine, there are big drums that look like bowls filled with colored balls. Those drums are real machines that make Gobstoppers, which are sold under the Willy Wonka brand.

5. Grandma Georgina Chose To Kiss Willy Wonka

Liz Smith said on that she read the scripts for both of the grandmothers and picked the role that got to kiss Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. Oh, and by the way, "it was lovely!"

Did you know any of these facts? Let me know in the comments!

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