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The Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde has been long overdue. Director Andrew Dominic has been in the works on this film for years now and it seems to be finally taking flight. After Naomi Watts dropped out of the iconic role, it seems like Jessica Chastain will be taking her place.


Now if you follow the career of Martin Scorsese, then you'll know how long he has been talking about tackling a film about the blue eyed, legend of a singer, Frank Sinatra. Scorsese is still claiming that the film will happen and that he only has a couple films left in him, so maybe this will be his last hoorah? Maybe even starring longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio? Anything is possible!

My Fight/Your Fight

Undefeated UFC champ Ronda Rousey has been slowly getting her feet wet in acting lately with Fast and Furious 7 and now in the upcoming Roadhouse remake. But now she will be playing a character that only she truly knows: herself. Paramount Pictures has secured the rights to her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight that will star Rousey playing herself.

Get It While You Can

Get It While You Can is about the life of sex, drugs, and music Janice Joplin lived. Amy Adams has been attached to the role for quite some time now, but the project just keeps running into trouble. There have been a few lawsuits against this film which have been delaying it from moving forward for quite some time now. Hopefully we will eventually see Janice's life told through this film.

Untitled Freddie Mercury Project

There have been talks of a film about the life of Queen front man Freddie Mercury for nearly seven years now. The singer who tragically passed away due to complications with AIDS was rumored to be portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen who was also rumored to write, produce, and direct the film. The living original members of Queen have full say in the direction of the film and rumors say that Sasha wanted a gritty, R rated, tell all while the original band members were looking at more of a PG rated tribute to the late singer. Either way, I think we all hope that we see this film made and hopefully Sasha Baron Cohen will be attached to it in the end.

Would you like to see any of these films finally be made? Which one interests you the most? Let's get a conversation going in the comment section below!


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