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Huge fan of both Marvel AND Dc. I love talking about this with my friends and thought it could be cool to post online about my opinions...
The Flash is the most addictive tv show ever!

I have just started watching "The Flash", the tv show. (I know, I am late!) If you ever watched this show, you probably are waiting for the next episode and you know what I mean when I say that it is the most addictive tv show, like ever! For the ones that never watched the show, though, you might don't understand anything at all. You can try to, maybe, understand it, but you ain't going to get it before you've watched it. But still, I will try to explain you.

Alright, before we start, you have to understand something: I am here to convince you to watch it!

The fact is that this tv show is pretty much the same as any other tv show that you will watch, but being a DCU fan since I was a child gives it something more... If you are like me, a DCU fan (or just a superheroes fan, for that instance), you should stop reading and find a way to watch the show. There are two major things about The Flash that make it so cool and addictive. The first, like every tv show: The big intrigue; The fact that we don't know anything about that Dr. Wells, that turns out not being the person that we thought he was. The second: the rest! I really think that everything in this show is good, cool and turns out: The critics think the same thing; Rated 8.3/10 on IMDb. (I know, you don't care about that info, but it was just for informational purpose)

You may be a costume fan? If it is the case, at least check them online, just Google it up, turns out that the costume that whoever made is pretty accurate and you should enjoy it.

I have made a lot of attempts to convince my father to watch this tv show, The Flash, and for now on, my nights are going to be: -Watch The Flash, -Eat, Repeat! (Haha!) I hope that I was able to convince you, because I truly believe that it is worth watching it (or like some people say: "it is worth to lose an hour of you time".) By the way, a single episode has a duration of 42 minutes and 33 seconds. Just sayin'


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