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Barbara A Wakeman

Episode 2 JSS is here! Exciting and thrilling.

Out of nowhere the W - Wolves attacked!

Carol Disguised herself, made a casserole, and did not let any Wolves through or by her

Unlike Morgan who let several of them go!

Then there's Enid who we found how she came to Alexandra and I bet there's more to come! Her parents were killed and she was on her own out there. Did she leave? Her note?? The Turtle ugh.... gory and then JSS with its bones?! Will she still be around?

Who put the A on Carol, Carl's house?? was it her??

s JSS mean?? I Mean really they introduced it but never told us or did they? Enid

Carl lady friend slipped something under the door at the end of tonight's episode. Any guesses on what JSS means now?

Just Survive Somehow?


What does JSS Mean??


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