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With the very recent release of Crimson Peak, and with I Saw the Light (due out in March 2016) catching some early hype, the fandom world is once again in the throes of Tom Hiddleston fever. The characters he plays are memorable and beloved, and the actor himself is almost too good to be true. With his bright smile and irresistible laugh, it's not hard to understand why his fans call themselves "Hiddlestoners."

Whether you are already a fan of the man, or you want to understand who's driving your friends bonkers, here is Hiddleston's highlights reel.

Hiddleston Channels His Inner Loki

If you are one of a few dozen people who have not seen any films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or you've never read any Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief. Hiddleston proves that he is every ounce as mischievous as his most famous on-screen persona. Make sure you watch through to the very end!

Hiddleston Meets - and Impersonates - An Icon

This video is a little more recent, and has been making the rounds on various social networking sites. Not only do we get to witness some of Tom's celebrity impressions, but we can also see what happens when a star gets starstruck.

More Hiddleston Impressions

Impressed? (See what I did there?) Check out some more of Tom's spot-on celebrity imitations in this video. He starts off trying to do Cookie Monster, and it really only gets better from there.

Hiddleston Celebrates the Holidays

Not ready for the holiday season just yet? Too bad, because Tom Hiddleston sure is. Gosh, I would trade my left foot to be that dog. Although, in that position, I certainly could never be as calm as that dog...

Hiddleston Dancing

There are few words to describe the glory of this video, except for these: that lucky chair! I wonder if he instinctively knew to dance, or if they had planned for it beforehand.

For the Unbelievers

And if you are still not convinced that this man is worth your time, check out this new video from Huffington Post.

So there you have it: 6 videos to make you fall madly, truly, deeply in love with Tom Hiddleston. And for an added bonus, check out this picture of him with our favorite boy wizard:

And all the fangirls and boys died...
And all the fangirls and boys died...

(picture courtesy of this awesome tumblr user)


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