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Disney Animation Studios' hit movie Big Hero 6 is much more about superheroes, revenge, good versus evil, and fitting in than recent movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. For those who have not seen it yet I highly recommend you rent it. The movie begins as a teenager named Hiro Hamada discreetly goes to an illegal underground robot fight club in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. When you first meet him, what sets him apart from the others? Just that everyone else in the big leagues there is an adult and he's a young teenager.

Within a few minutes, you realize he is much more than just a teenager that likes robots, but in fact is a robotics prodigy when his tiny robot uses a very complicated mixture of high-speed and advanced abilities to literally repair itself. Afterwards it then goes on to defeat a player in his late 30s to 40s, I estimate, whose robot is at least four times its original size after almost being destroyed beyond repair. These skills play a huge factor in the movie itself so although very fast, try not to miss them.

Later on, you meet his older brother Tadashi, and his aunt Cass. Now why are Hiro and Tadashi living above her business, The Lucky Cat Cafe? For this I had to go to various Disney Wikipedia pages and learned, sadly, that when Hiro was three years old his parents passed away. This plays a huge part in the plot of the movie, so stay tuned.

After we meet his small family, Tadashi takes Hiro to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology where Hiro meets Baymax, Professor Callaghan, and Tadashi's friends Go Go Tomago, Wasabi (Wasabi No-Ginger according to the Disney Wikia), Honey Lemon and Fred at the annual science tech convention, where up-and-coming geniuses are meant to showcase new creations. Those who impress Callaghan are accepted into the school. And it is here the last major character, Alistair Krei, is introduced.

Each of the characters have strengths and weaknesses, but this article is focusing on physical disabilities and mental illness alone. None of them have physical disabilities, but most of them do have at least one form of mental illness (and I will include an eating addiction here).

I believe that every one of the shy characters in this movie has a form of undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, or has high-functioning Autism (as I do have it myself and recognize many of my traits in them). Hiro is the first one. Like me, he is highly intelligent and has a hard time making friends. He has been bullied in his past for his intelligence and has a hard time dealing with emotional loss and issues. Also he has a very hard time explaining and showing when he is emotionally troubled, even when everyone else around him can recognize it. Please note, however, it is only my theory that Hiro has Asperger's Syndrome and this should not be taken as fact.

Asperger's, Depression, Neuroticism, ADHD and eating addictions can all be dangerous mental health issues if not properly diagnosed and treated. If not for Baymax, the Big Hero 6 team would have never known that Professor Callaghan (Yokai) had high acute stress and emotional issues. This is very understandable, as his daughter Abigail had been presumed dead. Though she was rescued, Baymax sacrificed himself to save her. This shows the truth of the eternal saying,"No greater sacrifice can anyone fulfill than to lay down their life for their friend(s)."

As the movie ends, Hiro is shown having shaken off his depression that was originally from his parents' death, deepening when his beloved brother passes. As well, he is much less shy and has finally opened himself up enough to the reborn Baymax he rebuilt. After becoming such great pals with the rest of the gang, Hiro attends school with them - a happily ever after ending.

It is my hopes that if anyone with mental or physical disabilities reads this article, they will watch the movie using my research about the characters therein to help themselves to rise above their limitations and bring more good to the world.


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