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The cult hit, The Room (2003), is hilariously funny with its bad acting and dialogue and random sub plots that make no sense what so ever. The Hayden Orpheum is in its second year of doing screenings of the film and I have now seen it twice with a housemate who introduced me to the 'Citizen Kane' of bad films. What is go great about the film, is that people get so into watching the film at the screenings of it. When going into watch the film, you are given a list of things to yell out during the screening and you are able to grab a bunch of plastic spoons to throw whenever a picture of cutlery is seen on screen. It is such an interactive experience and it is amazing how many people have not seen the film when it comes to the screenings. Before the film even starts, there is a competition between a few people as to who does the best Tommy Wiseau impression and it is hilarious. The bad acting and dialogue is basically what makes the film. It is worth seeing seeing at least once in your life to fully understand the weirdness of the film.

The cult classic, The Room (2003), maybe funny with its bad acting and dialogue but the film could have been so much better if had not been written, directed, produced or starred Tommy Wiseau. Where the hell did this guy come from and where the hell did he the money to make the film? Let alone get permission to film it. It is obvious from the dialogue that English is not Tommy's native language. What is painful about the film, that there are a few characters who are introduced throughout the film and you have no idea who they are and they do not bring much to the overall storyline of the film. Speaking of the storyline, there seems to be a lack of a storyline. It is just a generic storyline where it starts off with a seemingly happy couple, girl becomes unhappy with relationship, has an affair with the boyfriend's best friend, fakes abuse from boyfriend and a pregnancy, boyfriend finds out by over hearing a conversation, gets better proof to get pay back after a birthday party and ends up killing himself because he is feed up with this world. Not to mention there are five random sex scenes. Two of which are between Lisa and Johnny that use the same footage. Not to mention that the random sub plot of Lisa's mum having breast cancer is completely stupid. The character of Denny, is just plain creepy and just makes you cringe every time he is seen on screen. The random football scenes make no sense to the film either.


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