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Hey guys, welcome to this edition of Blue's Views on The News: Pokemon! The game where parents send their 10 year old children out into the wild and almost never hear from them again as they fight monsters that could level entire cities with just a blink. It's a series that spans so many generations that people I grew up with are gonna be able to connect with their kids over it and then summarily beat them like the gym leader they always wanted to be.

Fans were struck with amazing news when this was released earlier this year...

Since this, speculation has ranged from what's going to happen, how it will look and if we can finally be the best like no one ever was.

News has been scarce, with every bit that comes out being followed by crazy but awesome speculation and we all have been clamoring of every bit we can get our hands on. The most recent news I myself was able to find made me tingle a little and I do not tingle people!

Pokemon! Go Developer Niantic Receives 30 million Dollar Investment!

That's Right Pikachu
That's Right Pikachu

According to news site HNGN, Niantic received a hefty investment for the project. Nintendo (The company that owns the franchise) invested 20 Million into the project, just as Google invested 10 million themselves. (To read the full article please visit here.)

What Does This Mean?

Well it all goes back to speculation. I honestly don't know. Do I wish I did? Everyone and their mother probably does. Maybe it's for making the game's graphics more like the trailer. Maybe it's to give us more Pokemon. Who knows? I'm kind of hoping we get new ones just for this and maybe bring on the mega evolutions for it too (I have my mega evolution move planned already. Don't you judge me).

Best for all the fans is to wait anxiously and plan out our ideal teams. Just saying this though: Anyone who doesn't have Scyther I will dub a scrub.

Till next time guys.


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