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The next few years are going to bring us endless reboots and sequels to our favorite horror franchises, and most of us aren't sure we're going to be able to tolerate them As much as I love anything with Jason, another Michael Bay remake just isn't going to cut it for me. As down as I am about most of these movies, there is one that gives me hope. Leatherface, coming out sometime in 2016, has just wrapped initial production and seems to be giving horror fans a lot to look forward to.

The premise of the film is enough to get me excited because, well, it's just different enough to shake things up. Set before Tobe Hooper's classic, Leatherface is going to show us the rise of one of the most recognizable and lethal killers in horror history. After three young boys escape from a mental institution, they are found by a younger Mrs. Sawyer. After learning her violent and horrific ways, one of these boys will grow up to be the one and only Leatherface. What I love about this is that the writers are keeping true to the canon of the original, while changing things enough to captivate a tired audience.

Speaking of writers, this film's production team gives us all kinds of hope. While screenwriter Seth Sherwood is still unproven, directorial team Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have shown us what real disturbing looks like in their 2007 film, Inside. If you haven't seen the movie yet, check out the trailer below. It'll be sure to get your skin crawling, and get you excited for the potential psychosis they can bring to life in a young Leatherface, as well as the sociopath who brought him to life.

A great plot and promising crew are exciting, but they don't fare well without a solid cast to bring their creation to life. Luckily, the cast of Leatherface may turn out to be it's best quality. Horror vet Lilli Taylor (The Conjuring, Hemlock Grove) will be taking on the role of Mrs. Sawyer, while action star and Blade alum, Stephen Dorff, will be playing Texas Ranger Hal Hartman, the film's main protagonist. Pairing these big screen veterans with some young unknowns makes for an ensemble that won't disappoint.


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