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It has been many years since the former Team Rocket scientist known as George Ketchum caused the Vermillion base to go up in flames. The forces of Team Rocket, only recently reformed, had fled in miscellany. One contingent had led the way to a secret base far from Vermillion.

It was here, in secrecy, that they rebuilt their forces. It was here that they created a new base of operations hidden beyond the view of the authorities. Amiboshi and Suboshi's old motorcycle gang had long been roped into joining them and now ran their pokemon stealing operations near Biker's Lane for a cause greater than themselves.

Rockets had infiltrated some hospitals in the hope of finding some way to counter the effects of Team Omega- the team which, in times past, had tricked Natski into believing the Rockets had betrayed her. Yes, Team Omega was a source of worry. The name Team Rocket became more a legend than a threat. Any dealings the Rockets made remained secretive and many thought them to be nothing more than rumors. They were wrong to think that.

After Kaito Chakra had stumbled into the base with Mistress Eon in tow, she had started building an offensive front. Her attentions turned to weapons and armory, obsessively building up the defenses of their new home. She was the first to leave the base in search of power. The peaceful negotiator, the diplomat, it seemed, was no more. This new Chakra was confident in her abilities and dark in her demeanor. She was not about to let anyone walk all over her or her team. They had taken their time, allowed Omega to think that perhaps, just perhaps, they had truly won. If Omega thought that they were wrong. If George Ketchum the ex Pokemon Champion turned scientist and the creator of MewTwo before he turned good, and who destroyed their base thought that, he was wrong. Kaito Chakra has taken her place as the Boss of Team Rocket, and uses the absentee vote of an Eon no one has seen active in far, far too long to keep her position of power and to pass her mandates - and to pass the mandates of those she held... dear, for whatever reasons.

Natski has been promoted, and given power in the organisation. The cynical believe this may simply be because Natski knows more of Omega than the others, because she had had past contact with George. The girl known as Susan has been given power in name, if not in purpose due to her links to the past Her parents in times past were famous - perhaps not as the success they should have been, but none the less, they were her reason for being a rocket.

Amiboshi travels between the base and the gang led by Nakago periodically, keeping it informed of... business. Suboshi isn't faring as well as his brother under the new regime. While the older brother accepts Chakra's will as in times old, his younger brother isn't quite as happy to do so. His attitude has been seen as outright hostility, and Chakra has placed a tail on the boy, letting on that she believes he could turn to Omega.

All those above have had their own projects, their own missions during the rebuilding. Some have built up leagues of contacts, others have been working on technology. Some have been catching the pokemon they believe will bring Team Rocket to glory once again. Those within the order come and go as they please, with the power to do so - or at least, that is what they believe, although Chakra keeps close tabs on any who leave. And yet they come... and they go. Now, it is time for them to come again. Now is the time... for Omega, for the World Pokemon League (my own creation) to see just what has happened after all these years.


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