ByTheresa Lepard Malloy, writer at

In 1982 I was writing a book for pregnant women and was interviewing women about their pregnancies. A Scientologist responded and I went with her to her home to interview her for my book. The experience was both sweet (she was very very sweet) and very very weird. She lived in a large old apartment building in Hollywood, which looked okay outside, but inside looked like a prison: concrete and pumice block hallways, bare bulbs over regularly-spaced, security-manned, bare table check-points... and each family had a large single room, with a tiny kitchen and bath off of it, to live in. Her husband came in during our interview. Their entire conversation was incomprehensible jargon, though I recognized the language as English.

Later I met a man who had been involved who explained to me the glorified pyramid scheme which is Scientology, which eats up people's incomes and indebts them for life. A religion that actually COSTS money. Not tithing. Fees. He says you have to move into those buildings eventually because of the fees eating up mortgages and lifestyles.

Still later I moved into an apartment where clearly a Scientologist had lived. For a few months, I got their Scientology newsletter and learned about "Going Clear" and the machines they use for their personal growth. I prefer study, reflection, prayer, meditation and good works: a more organic process.


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