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You might think that because you watch the Walking Dead, or because you've seen a few good zombie flicks that you're ready to take on a zombie apocalypse anytime it breaks out. But in reality, you may be the easiest meal for those mindless cannibals! So I'll give you just five tips just to ensure you're success in this post-apocalyptic situation.

Only because I care for my fellow human beings!

1. Always Watch Your Back

This not only goes for zombies, but for human beings as well! Obviously, if we turn our backs to those disgusting cannibals we'll wind up with a nasty hole in our necks. But turn your back on the wrong person, and you'll probably end up much worse!

2. Carry More Weapons Than a Gun

Of course carrying an automatic weapon will help you, but don't make it your only source of protection. Things like axes, machetes, or any other bullet-less weapons are great to have in combat. But with just a gun and low ammo, your chances of dying will be much higher.

3. Be Smart, Man!

The smallest mistakes can be crucial in a time like this. Always think five steps ahead... literally. Or your leg could wind up as dinner for a whole family of zombies!

4. Try to Find Shelter High Above Ground

Zombies will find a way to creep into every corner of the Earth. But if you can find shelter high above ground, your chances of succumbing to those flesh eating maniacs will be reduced greatly.

5. Dedicate Your Life to Finding a Cure

Some of you may not agree, but spending your time finding a cure is probably the best thing you and your possible group can do, especially once you're under livable conditions. You'll obviously have a lot of time on your hands as well. And if you're successful, you'll forever be a legend, or even more importantly, the savior of humanity!

And those are my awesome zombie apocalypse suggestions. If you follow my advice, I guarantee you'll survive...

Or Die Trying!

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Are you gonna follow my advice when the zombie apocalypse comes around?


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