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Zombie Bride

The Zombie Bride has a white torso and a 2x1 slope piece as legs. These two pieces are white and have printing on them, representing a dirtied, torn white dress. Both her arms and hands are greyish-green. She has a double-sided head; on one side, she is half smiling, and on the other side, she looks miserable. On both sides, her head is greyish-green, and she has one yellow eye, one blood-red eye, and red lips. The bride has dirty blonde hair in a ponytail.

Zombie Bride

The wife of the fellow zombie, the Zombie Groom, who are powered by their love of each other, and when you find one, you will always find the other. Living in theGraveyard, with a visit from the Zombie Driver, as he is seen in 9465 The Zombies. The Zombie Bride is the only female zombie in the theme. He has a top hat, the same as Sam Sinister, and The Penguin or various snowmen from different sets. He has a new printed torso which looks like a circus performer's suit or it could be a vest that has been torn up. He also has an undone red bow tie and a red sash. Both his hands are greyish-green, and his right arm is white while his left arm is greyish-green, which is meant to represent the left sleeve of his shirt having been torn off. The head is the same color with glowing yellow eyes and a snarl. His legs are basic dark grey.


The Zombie groom is the husband of theZombie Bride. A zombie who slumbers in thegraveyard with his wife, and is often accompanied by the Zombie Driver, who enjoys walking across the graveyard. His love with his wife is so strong, and cannot, under any circumstances be broken.

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I love the details on this minifigures. My love for monsters was triggered by this. And zombie bride makes it to the list of most valuables minifigures.


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