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Monster Butler

The Monster Butler has a black suit with black arms and grey hands. He also has a plain black legs with no printing. His torso is black, and printed with a black suit. His face is grey, the same color as his hands, and has a part set on top of it used to indicate an extended brow, which was originally seen onthe Monster from Collectable Minifigures Series 4. The same part displays a sewn-up forehead and black hair. His face has an almost sad look to it, with a mouth angled down and dark lines around the eyes. He carries a serving tray made from a 2x2 stud round plate, a goblet and a wine bottle. He also uses the same back printing as Lord Vampyre, with the suit design.


The Monster Butler works in the Haunted House as Lord Vampyre and Vampyre Bride'sbutler.

Crazy Scientist's Monster (green one)

The Crazy Scientist's Monster has unprinted brown legs. His torso and arms are also brown, while his hands are olive green. His torso is printed with a brown coat, white buttons, a grey undershirt, and some patches and stitches. His head is olive green, printed with a moaning expression. Atop his head, he wears a part that appears to extend his forehead. Its top is molded with black hair, and it is printed with two safety pins.


The Monster is from the Lab of Uncanny Creations, a secret underground laboratory. He is one of many abominations created by the crazed Scientist to do his bidding (and his chores).

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Although the crazy scientist's monster should be with the crazy scientist because he made him. I think they look good together with same proportion of the head that's why I took this picture. Lol!


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