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Lord Vampyre has black legs with printed pocket lines and a black torso with printing of a pocket watch and a red tie and vest over a white, frilled shirt. His arms are also black. He has white hands and wears a black cloak like that used by all other vampires so far. Lord Vampyre sports a white head with a slightly open, fanged mouth, red eyes with grey rings around them and black eyebrows. His alternate face is much the same, but the mouth is closed with his fangs still visible and has different eyebrow positioning. Unlike the Studios Vampire, who sports more traditional spiky Vampire hair, Lord Vampyre has the newer swept-back hair mold. His weapon of choice is a long black sword.


Lord Vampyre is the evil ruler of the Monster Realms, with his Bride. He originally planned to give his Moonstone to his beloved wife, but soon unearthed the powers of the spooky Moonstones and built a contraption to eclipse the sun forever, using the magical powers each Moonstone possesses. After he eclipses the sun, all the monsters will be able to roam freely in the Monster and Minifigure realms. So he used his own Moonstone's magical powers to control other monsters, and made them retrieve all 6 of the Moonstones [1]. Lord Vampyre owns a loyal zombie henchman, the Zombie Driver, and an army of man-sized bats called Manbats, who protect his castle [2]. He owns a hearse, of which he uses to roam around the Monster Realms. Lord Vampyre also owns theHaunted House, which is home to hisMonster Butler, Zombie Chef, and 2 ghosts. Lord Vampyre is constantly fighting theMonster Fighters, particularly Dr. Rodney Rathbone, for possession of the Moonstones and will stop at nothing to complete his plan.

Description from Vampyre's Bride has a long, flowing hairpiece like that used by Elizabeth Swann, but in black. Her head is white and glow-in-the-dark, and is printed with a fanged mouth, pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and eyes with long eyelashes. One expression has a wicked grin, the other has an angered look with the fanged mouth open. She has a red dress piece with torn pink printing around the corset. Her torso is also printed with a torn red dress (as well as a necklace with a red jewel on it), and she has white hands.

A beaker piece, previously used in the 8804 Minifigures Series 4 theme by the Crazy Scientist can be found in the bride's hand.


The wife of Lord Vampyre, and long-suffering wife of her husband's devious ideas. Vampyre's Bride is a master of hexes and potions, hence her quote above. She lives in the castle with Lord Vampyre, and their Zombie Driver, and severalManbats. She is one of the three females in the theme, and one of the two females in the theme who are married, the other one being the Zombie Bride. The Vampyre Bride goes on a holiday with her husband to theirhaunted house.

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The lord vampyre on this image had a custom hairpiece and opps I forgot to put the cloak.... well I got myself another. The lord vampyre which is from the monster figther...


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