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The Manbat has unprinted Dark Brown legs. His torso is dark brown with Reddish Brownprinting of a bare hairy chest on it. His arms are dark brown with reddish brown hands. The arms are not connected in the traditional method for minifigure arms, which allows them to move vertically up and down, instead the arms jut out from his body horizontally, and can therefore be turned in a circle. They have small wings jutting out from their lower side. The Bat Monster's face is reddish brown, and printed with red eyes and a mouth full of pointed white teeth. His dark brown hairpiece covers the back of his head completely, and has very large ears protruding out of it on either side.


Manbats are hideous, winged servants ofLord Vampyre, who perch on the Vampyre Castle, guarding it from trespassers.

The Swamp Creature has green legs, printed with lime green scales. He has lime green hips also printed with scales. His green torso is printed with lime green scales near the bottom, and white scale outlines everywhere else. The back of his torso is printed much the same way, although his spine and ribs are partially visible. He has green arms, and lime green hands. He has a lime green face printed with very large yellow eyes, which take up most of his face, a small red mouth filled with white teeth, and a large black unibrow above his eyes. He wears a green mask which has large holes for his eyes, and spines on the left, right, and top.


The Swamp Creature comes from the Cold Sleep Swamp, in the marshlands of the Monster Realms. It is based off the Gill-manin the movies franchises and TV appearances from: Creature from the Black Lagoon, its two sequels, the The Monster Squad (which the theme Monster Fighters is heavily based off) and the gill-man appearance in The Munsters appearing in one episode as the Munster family's Uncle Gilbert, of which his name is a pun on gills that the creature has.

The LEGO Movie

In The LEGO Movie, the Swamp Creature is among the Master Builders to meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land. He is subdued and captured by the Super Secret Police force led by Bad Copand put in prison to the Think Tank. Later on, he is freed and help the other Master Builders to stop Lord Business and his Micro Managers.

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