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The Zombie Chef has unprinted grey legs, and a white torso printed with a red tie, rips, and a large amount of dark orange and brown stains. He has white arms, and grey hands. His head is also grey, and features pure white eyes, and a grimacing mouth full of rotting green teeth. He does have back printing, which continues the chef printing, again, with red stains and tearing.


The Zombie Chef works for Lord Vampyre in his Haunted House.

Notes Zombie Driver's earth blue legs are printed with tatters and rips. His torso is printed with an old ripped earth blue valet driver uniform. He has earth blue arms, one grey hand, and one dark maroon one. He has a dark grey face printed with blank eyes and a gaping green toothy mouth, and wears a black driver's cap, commonly used in City sets, for police officers.


Zombie Driver is a zombie, who works as a valet for the Lord Vampyre, driving the Vampyre Hearse. He also spends time in theGraveyard. Lord Vampyre's loyal, hard-working servant, who is known to do as his wishes, and do the most horrible and gruesome jobs for his master, and will do anything to protect the Vampyre family.

The Mummy King resides in the Cursed Badlands, an ancient ground with a burial tomb. The Mummy rides a chariot with a skeletal steed with fiery eyes. His chariot has the purple moonstone which amplifies his powers.

NotesHe is very similar to the Mummy from theCollectable Minifigures theme.His bandages on his torso and legs glow in the dark, but faintly compared to other glow in the dark pieces. It glows best with a black light, it will last longer.He's inspired by the mummy from the original Mummy films.

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Note: and the brown zombie as always needs to have an appearance. ..


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