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It's simple mathematics.
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Now that we're close to the end of 2015, expectations are sky high for the release of an actual, working hoverboard, if it's possible. Back in the year of 1985 the film Back to The Future II was released in theaters and became one of the most popular sci-fi movies of the 80s.The blockbuster saw the introduction of a skateboard without wheels that could hover a few feet above the ground, leaving fans absolutely astonished and begging for the real thing! It seems that we're so close to it.

Catalin Alexandru Duru, an inventor in Montreal, Canada decided to truly focus his whole career on making a working hoverboard. The best part is he has! Duru designed and built a an actual board that hovers off the ground at a pretty amazing distance. Much like a drone or a helicopter, the board is a propeller-based machine.

I wanted to showcase that a stable flight can be achieved on a hoverboard and a human could stand and control with their feet,

The board took twelve months to design and basically functions well anywhere, even over the surface of water. For those who may have not seen the Back to The Future films, the original hoverboard was unable to work properly on water.

Hoverboards of course began to become a big topic when the "Hendo" board made it's debut. The Hendo board uses magnetic repulsion to be able to lift itself only a few centimeters off the ground. This means the board can only work on special magnetic surfaces. This is by far the closest to a "skateboard" hoverboard anybody has ever come to.

Duru currently holds the Guinness world record for longest hoverboard flight ever. Being 16 feet in the air for over 90 seconds, Duru traveled at least 500 meters over a lake.

The board appears to look quite similar to the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin's board. Halloween is coming around and this guy should try and do some awesome "safe" stunts! The future is near!

Check out the flight right here!

Does this mean that we're one step closer to finally having an actual hoverboard? Comment down below!


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