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Matt Bomer might be doing a lot of the scaring himself as bloody orgy orchestrator Donovan in American Horror Story: Hotel, but in the past he has been the hunted as opposed to the hunter when it comes to real life things that go bump in the night.

While he was appearing on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, Bomer revealed that he is somewhat schooled in the supernatural after a spooky encounter in a real life haunted hotel. He explained to the host that he was throughly freak out when:

"I heard all this rustling around in the hotel and in my room and outside my room, and I was, you know, of course just being a neurotic actor and trying to sleep instead of seeing what it was. The next day with the concierge I was like 'what's going on around here? Why are the bell men around at four in the morning?'''
I said hey, what's going on?
I said hey, what's going on?

Unfortunately, the chilling reply from the concierge was even worse than a night being kept awake by noisy staff, she replied to him, deadpan:

'Oh no, it's haunted!'

Apparently, the staff member's nonchalant account was due to the fact that the establishment was a world famous haunted hotel that was popular with spook spotters around the globe, Bomer explained:

"It's called the Palamour or something, I guess it's a renown haunted hotel, where people who are interested in paranormal activity stop there."

Luckily, Bomer's involvement with various supernatural shows has taught him the protective significance of sage in ancient Pagan religions such as Wicca, and he wasn't afraid to utilize a bit of witchcraft to keep him safe, he told James Cordon that:

"The next day we are shooting a scene in this big field of sage, I grabbed a bunch of it, I went back to my room and I burned the crap out of that sage, I was like 'GET OUT!' I GOTTA BE ON CAMERA TOMORROW! THIS IS AN ACTOR'S ROOM!'"
and that's how you deal with a ghost!
and that's how you deal with a ghost!

And, if you're wondering if wafting a bit of herby old smoke around yourself will protect you from spirits, apparently it worked. So, there you go!

But, Matt probably tells it better than me, listen to his ghost story for yourself in the video below:

(Source: Uproxx via The Late Late Show with James Cordon)


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