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In the run up to Halloween, there's one thing playing on everyone's mind: what should I dress up as? From undead brides to scantily-clad cheerleaders, we can expect to see a whole host of ghastly apparitions wandering the streets come this October 31st, but what about the Halloweens of yesteryears?

Brush up on your Halloween history with this awesome costume compilation courtesy of Mode. Covering 100 years of spooky style, the video takes you through each era of terrifying trick or treat tradition in under 3 minutes, including...

1915 - Ghastly Ghoul

1935 - Evil Mickey Mouse

1975 - Creepy Vintage Doll

1995 - Geeky Bumblebee

2005 - Britney is Back

2015 - Kim Kardashian

Watch the full video below:

[Source: Mode]


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