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For many of us, Halloween is a fond childhood memory where we claimed free chocolates and sweets from around the neighborhood. We all did it -- roaming door to door in a hastily-made costume, excited by the whole experience and euphoric to be out after dark, dressed in a scary outfit.

But it seems some adults in the U.S. are reclaiming the holiday, adding a truly frightening touch to Halloween as they turn their front garden into a horrific crime scene. It's not that bad, right?

Controversy over a new display in Ohio...

A look at some of the gruesome display
A look at some of the gruesome display

Unfortunately, it seems that some residents in Ohio disapproved of the display, complaining that it was too graphic and that its proximity to a local school meant that it could scare children.

Cincinnati 19 news reported that locals were complaining that the display should be taken down. Yes, it seems that the display, which featured Halloween classics like an impaled child and a crucified adult being bled to death by syringes... caused inevitable outcry!

Another look at the impaled child decoration
Another look at the impaled child decoration

The local council responded to the report by saying that those behind the decorations were simply expressing their right to free speech... however, they later ordered the decorations to be taken down.

Just death by syringe, nothing to see here!
Just death by syringe, nothing to see here!

I'm sure we all have a different interpretation of the line between acceptable Halloween fun and needless gore, but clearly a lot of care and attention has gone into their Halloween decorations!

So what do you think? Were the decorations too much, or were they just the right amount of scary?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

(Source: Theboredmind.)


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