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Andre the Giant's real name was Andre Rene Roussimoff, but it's okay if you didn't know that. I mean, he was Andre the f***ing Giant, and he was named that for a reason.

Here are some photos of the man, the myth, the beast, the legend, etc. He was a professional wrestler and actor who suffered from a lot: his size was a result of gigantism caused by excess growth hormone, which later resulted in acromegaly.

I think he existed in a time when we were a little bit less sensitive as a culture. We laughed and marveled at his size rather than empathizing with the fact that he had a condition. But I have to admit, he was quite the spectacle.

Here he was with Muhammad Ali, a big dude in his own right, looking tiny in comparison

He was able to carry men and women alike with relative ease

Here he is looking way too big for an ATV

Andre the Giant chilling with sorority girls

Dude was an absolute beast

Life is fun when you're a literal giant

Was he famous during the golden era of wrestling?

The caption says it all: Andre's Hand... much bigger than most

Dude made a beer can look like a salt shaker

That tiny glass of chardonnay isn't gonna do much, I don't think

The former WWF champion died of congestive heart failure in 1993. It really was tragic, but he'll be remembered and his legacy will live on. There isn't much else we as humans can ask for than to be remembered in history. I'm sure he grappled with identity issues and had to come to terms with being so massive.

I'm just glad our society embraced him. He's literally a legend. People often use that word loosely, but in this case it holds true for sure.

Check out this incredible clip with two of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

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