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When I was 9 years old, I accidentally got stuck in an elevator during a power cut which plunged my terrified little self into complete darkness for a good 10 minutes. To this day, it's safe to say I am not the biggest fan of being carried up and down floors in a tiny claustrophobic cage that has the unfortunate potential to plummet me to my death at any moment.

And while you're free to chuckle at my cowardly stupidity, it's fine because I know for a fact that one celebrity's got my back and knows exactly where I'm coming from. Yep, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd say that Paris Hilton and I now share something in common.

During her recent trip to China, it seems that the hotel heiress and a group of people got themselves into quite the sticky situation when they got trapped in a packed elevator in Beijing. Of course, her first reaction was to film what was happening.

"We're stuck in an elevator"

As everyone, including Paris, kitted out in her super cute kitty-cat ears, tries to work out what to do as they wait for help, the situation seems calm. That is, until the mechanics arrive and realize that they can't pry the doors open either.

"Please get us out of here!"

Consequently, all hell breaks loose as panic sets in, with people hysterically screaming and repeatedly banging on the glass doors. At one point, Paris even shouts out a slightly tweaked version of her iconic catchphrase from The Simple Life to hammer home her desperation at being stuck in such a terrifying predicament.

"[That's] hot!"

The fiasco lasts about an hour before a brave man decides to risk a limb to get the doors to open. Naturally, as you would, he violently throws up from the stress straight after exiting the doomed elevator.

Watch the scary drama starring Paris unfold in the full video below:

And of course, this wasn't Paris's only run-in with a traumatizing situation this year. If you remember, back in June, the ex-reality TV star was left fearing for her fragile life when she became the subject of a ruthless prank pulled by an Egyptian TV host, Ramez Galal.

During her trip to Dubai, Galal's prank show tricked her into believing she was moment away from dying in a fiery airplane crash. When in the air, the engine was purposefully stopped and the machine plummeted to the ground, to the hysterical wailing of Paris's acknowledgement of her most certain, and very imminent, demise.

Of course, this was all caught on camera.

Poor Paris -- I wouldn't have seen the funny side either.

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