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Disney's Aladdin is stuffed with more hidden treasures than the Cave of Wonders itself and now the directors of the movie have plucked another hidden gem into the open by confirming a long discussed fan theory.

Remember the mysterious and charismatic pedlar who we see fondling the lamp at the beginning of the movie?

Well, many Aladdin fans have speculated that this unassuming looking dude is in fact the Genie in disguise, thanks to his mannerisms, the fact that he only has four fingers (just like the Genie) and, of course, the fact that he is also voiced by the late Robin Williams.

If you were one of the people convinced by this fan theory, your wishes might just be about to be granted as it's 100 percent true according to the directors of the Disney masterpiece themselves.

During an interview with E! News, directors John Musker and Ron Clements were quizzed about Disney myths, the latter confirmed the theory by telling interviewers that:

"I saw something that speculates that the peddler at the beginning of 'Aladdin' is the Genie. That's true!"

According to Clements, this fact was originally going to be revealed to the audience at the end of the movie, but "through story changes and some editing, the reveal was lost in the midst of time. Nevertheless, Clements still sees it as Disney canon and he said the Genie/pedlar theory was:

"An urban legend that actually is true."

So, if your are a huge fan theory nut, don't lose heart because sometimes your wildest day dreams really are true. Just remember the Frozen/Tarzan theory...

(Source: Yahoo via E! News)


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