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Mona Torgersen

I don't know about you guys, but I think Tom Hiddleston is like a god among mortals and we are all lucky to be graced with his presence. In case you need convincing, I have made this list of the top 8 reasons why you should love him.

1. He's a big dork

I don't even care, I'd still carry his babies if he asked me to.

2. He's the perfect gentleman

Could you be more perfect? My ovaries can't handle this!

3. He has musical talent

I bring you this gift. What is it you ask? Oh, just a video of Tom Hiddleston singing a song in a southern accent while playing the guitar. You may thank me later.

4. He has big hands

Yeah, sure you don't. Notice the direction of his gaze as he utters these words. He knows.

5. He loves his fans

We love you too, Tom!

6. He makes the best jokes

He's not even a dad yet, but he's already making dad jokes! Just proves he is prepared to be the father of my children.

7. He has a big heart

The fact that he posted this makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

8. He looks good in anything

Has the world ever seen a more glorious man? I think not.


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