ByTara Renee Simmons, writer at
Logan guinn is exactly just that... A story teller. He is a con artist. About 7 years ago he was living in anchorage, alaska. My parents opened their doors to him. My parents had started concert promotions and logan coned his way into being a part of that. He pretended he was financially responsible for the bands hotel. When they left town the hotel called my parents looking for their money. The hotel stated that logan said they would pay the bill. That is just one example of his lying BS. And around the time he had us all convinced that he was going to go big with his magazine called "American gothic". My parents believed and supported this manipulator and they sponsored him a couple thousand. There are many other wonderful stories to be told about this moron but I won't waste anyone's time. My mom sent me this link and I am so disgusted I can't even read this stupidity. He moves around state to state because he burns his bridges and when people sniff him out it is time for him to run off and start a new story somewhere else. His name isn't even Logan guinn. It is Elmer something. His giant plan after fleeing Alaska was to buy a pirate ship and open a business. He loves to pretend he is a pirate and thinks he looks just like Johnny depp as jack sparrow. Months after leaving Alaska my mother received phone calls from a detective in Corpus Christi asking questions about him. Logan guinn is nothing but a pathetic guy who most likely has a mental disability he is unaware of. He is not a ghost hunter. Not once when he was in our lives did he claim to be. My family is big into the paranormal and if Logan was a ghost hunter he would have made that clear to manipulate us into liking him more. I view his life through the eyes of the son in the movie "big fish". But Logan is a little fish and at the end of the day all stories were just stories. No truth behind them. Logan guinn is a sad little man that would do or say anything for attention.

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