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When it comes to online games like Tom Clancy's The Division, the future they can expect to have is often unclear. Feedback from the community, server issues, lack of purchases, dlc, expansions, etc. - all of these variables can alter a game entirely from the day of its release. Most recently we've seen that happen with ZeniMax Online's The Elder Scrolls Online and Bungie's Destiny; games that have completely transformed in the course of a year!

We all have varying expectations for Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division. Some of us are more excited for its RPG elements than anything else - the game promises to appeal to a whole variety of gamers. But if we take a look at Destiny and The Taken King a year on and hold it up to what The Division could become, then the future looks pretty bleak.


Tom Clancy's The Division; Don't Follow Destiny & The Taken King!

From the beginning, we all knew that Destiny had problems. From its lack of story, repetitively dull missions, and appalling reward system; the game disappointed a lot of us. We've made comparisons between Tom Clancy's The Division and Destiny from the beginning. Both games have particular similarities for sure, and Ubisoft would certainly love to see their game become as financially successful as Activision's. But that doesn't mean that Destiny is a good model.

Recently, Destiny released an expansion that has genuinely improved the quality of their game. If it was originally released in the form that The Taken King has introduced, a lot more of us would have stuck around with Bungie's followup to Halo. But it was only a matter of time. Activision just HAD to do it. And if Ubisoft follows in their footsteps with The Division, I'm out.

Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King

Microtransactions Will Kill The Division!

You may have heard about the outrage that is pervading the Destiny community. Jason Schreier of Kotaku put it simply and beautifully:

The word “microtransaction” evokes a vivid picture: A board room full of suited executives, salivating over profit margins and pondering how they can become the next Clash of Clans. Pair this nasty term with other provocative buzzwords like “pay-to-win” and “Activision” and you’ve got a guaranteed way to get gamers angry.

Last week, Destiny introduced a microtransactions store where players can purchase new emotes and dance moves for their characters. It's a harmful beginning and Bungie have made sure to highlight the innocent nature of these transactions. But players have uncovered some data that points to a much darker future.

The Division
The Division

The future of Destiny may see its store include such items as "level boosters", which will pay for your character to reach level 25. A booster that unlocks any subclass was also discovered, as well as temporary buffs from different enemy types. These are the three discoveries made by players that Bungie has completely ignored. They debunked ONE other discovery and then blatantly ignored these three others. Smells fishy? It should.

The future of Destiny could be a bleak one - with microtransactions out the ass. But naturally this has infuriated those that love the game, and the thought of it happening to [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169) is far too annoying. The reason that so many developers have created games like these is because of the potential profits that exist on the other end. We don't want this future for The you think it's likely to happen? I kinda do!


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