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Last night's episode of The Walking Dead was shocking to say the least. We all knew that the Wolves would attack at some point, but everyone assumed it would be towards the end of the season. Why now? Did they know Rick, Daryl, Glenn and the rest of the stronger residents were gone? There are a number of reasons why the attack happened as early as it did and there may be a spy in Alexandria. Let's break down the brutal attack from "JSS".


The apple of Carl's eye, Enid has been a mystery since her introduction last season, this episode was practically based around her, but could Enid be one of the Wolves? We learned last night that the "JSS" she was leaving behind stands for "Just Survive Somehow", but could what she left behind have led the wolves to Rick and company's front door?

Enid was left alone after the tragic death of her parents; it is quite possible that the Wolves found her and took her in seeing her as a gateway into other camps. She has been acting a little off since her arrival, and the "JSS" motto does seem to be what the Wolves are doing.

Enid being a spy for the Wolves is not that hard to imagine. She is seen sneaking over the fence and through various weak spots. Could she be testing these locations to report to the Wolves the easiest way to get in? I believe so. If you pay close enough attention, when the walls are breached, they use the same weak spots Enid does. Not to mention, why would she want to escape when she barely survived before? She has no one else, except for maybe the Wolves.

The Absence of Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Sasha, Abraham and others

During the attack last night, Alexandria was missing a few heavy hitters. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Sasha and Abraham were gone- working with other members of the community to lead a herd of walkers away from their home. I believe that the Wolves have been watching the community for some time now and when they saw so many of the residents gone, they took their shot.

The Attack and the Wolves

When the Wolves breached the walls of Alexandria, it was fast and brutal. This lends to the idea that they have been watching the community for a while or that there may even be a spy amongst them. But who are the Wolves?

A face was finally put to the mysterious "W"s marked on the heads of walkers that have been seen throughout the last season and a half. We first got to see the Wolves last season when two of them attempted to attack Morgan and he chased them off.

During the attack, Morgan comes face to face with a few members of the pack. When confronted, he tries to talk to them instead of following along with the others and kill them. During the confrontation, one of them said "you're not supposed to be here" adding to the mystery of this group. What did they mean?

I believe that they weren't just talking about Morgan being in Alexandria; I believe they were talking about survivors in general. They- much like the walkers- hunt down anyone that is surviving "comfortably", meaning they have struggled and when confronted by others that are not, they pick them off and scavenge what they have out of jealousy and down right insanity. They have become exactly what they call themselves- Wolves.


The Waling Dead is no stranger to extreme character evolution. Jessie- the object of Rick's affection and former abused housewife- made a total character switch last night. Her story seems a bit familiar, somewhat like Carol's.

Jessie had been abused and watched her husband Pete abuse their children for who knows how long. When the Wolves attacked her home and she knew her sons were in danger, she finally let go of the years of pent up frustration and fear and became one fierce mother.

I believe that Jessie will be a force nobody will want to double cross from here on out. It seems Rick has freed her.


Carol has been playing opossum since the group arrived at Alexandria. She went full Terminator on the Wolves. It is pretty much certain that everyone knows who she really is now. Anyone who knew her left and the remainder of the community were the older people and the ones that typically stay behind.

Just Survive Somehow

The acronym (JSS) was the theme of last night's episode. Enid's mantra is making her look a bit guilty. After the attack she is nowhere to be seen and Carl finds a note that she has left behind. It sure looks a bit suspicious.

After all, isn't that what wolves do in the wild, survive by any means necessary. Wolves also target the smallest and the weakest, and the human Wolves did just that.The people that they knew would pose a threat to them were gone, so they attacked the weakest of the group.

What's Next for Alexandria and the Group?

There are so many different ways to go with the future of the group. I have a few theories as to what is coming next.

Theory One: Because Morgan let a few of the Wolves escape, they will return even angrier. The only difference will be that Rick and the others will be back and the attack won't be as brutal. In the comics Carl does lose an eye in an explosion; the Wolves like to use fire in their attacks and I believe that Carl will be injured when they attack again.

Theory Two: Rick and the others will return from their mission and find out what had taken place in their absence. Rick will put together a hunting party and they will track down the remaining members of the Wolves and take them out.

Theory Three: The Wolves use walkers like additional pack members, like a wolf with rabies. There is no question what is inside the truck that crashed into the wall. We saw them loading the trucks with walkers last season. The walkers will somehow end up free and destroy Alexandria, forcing the inhabitants to look elsewhere for safety, Hilltop Colony- the farming community of about 200 residents mentioned in issue #92 of the comic books. Once the group enters the community, all will be well- for a while anyway. I believe that the fans will finally get the mother of all bad guys- Negan. He will attack Hilltop and we will see major casualties including a core member of the group- Glenn.

No matter which of these theories (if any) are correct, they are all going to have one thing in common: Maggie is pregnant. There have been more than one instance this has been hinted at. She and Glenn are doing pretty much the same thing Lori and Rick did when they got to Hershel's farm. Glenn also let it slip last week that there was more than one reason that he did not want Maggie involved in the task they were heading out to complete.

The Walking Dead has kept fans on their toes since its debut and that's not about to change. The show and the comics have not always lined up, so only time will tell what the geniuses behind the show will do.


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