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*Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2*

So, that The Walking Dead episode last night...Simply put, shit went down. I recently wrote an article about the transformation of Carol from a shy, meek old lady to a bonafide bad-ass. The episode this past Sunday almost perfectly encapsulated that, as she posed as one of the Wolves in order to do some damage on Alexandria's attackers from the inside.

It was certainly one of the bloodiest episodes in recent history, and there is a lot in flux right now. The hoard of walkers is still on the way, the Wolves are obviously still a threat, and overall Alexandria is just not, at all.

Here are 5 things you may have missed from last night's episode.

1. The Wolves are almost certainly the antagnostic 'Scavengers' from the comics

You may have noticed the amount of noise that went into the episode (the truck's horn, gunshots, etc). In the comics, there's a similar Alexandria fight that the Safe Zone occupants do, in fact, win. However, they make so much noise during the battle that they attract more walkers to their community. This new level of unrest and lack of safety is troubling and will probably be addressed in the next episode.

2. Smoking kills... literally

Carol warns Shelly about smoking, and she dies while puffing on a cigarette. There was the scene at the end where Carol grabs the pack of cigarettes and contemplates what had just happened. You would think that cigarette-smoking is probably the least dangerous thing going on in this wacky world of walkers and Wolves, but there was something poignant about that reflection scene.

3. Morgan returned and learned his stick skills from a Cheesemaker...

So, Morgan learned his stick skills from a cheesemaker, which is hilarious. But, what is less hilarious and actually a little disconcerting is that Morgan returned to Alexandria per Rick's request, but what are the others (including Rick) doing now without Morgan? We didn't even get a brief glimpse at their whereabouts or how the walkers are being affected by that loud horn that Morgan turned off. They probably have no idea what's going on at Alexandria, but I'm having a tough time believing that everything is going fine on their end, either...

4. Carol's bad-ass grade is an A, but what was that bloody A on the Alexandria porch alluding to?

Carol notices that "A" painted on the house. Did the Wolves put it there? This is surely a callback to when they were captured at Terminus and put in Container A to await slaughter. Will the returning Wolves come back to this house now that there's an "A" on it?

5. Did Morgan break his oath and actually kill that guy at the end of the episode?

Before we could see what happened, the camera cut away right as Morgan may or may not have killed a guy. Did he break his oath? It sure seems like it...

6. It's likely that the Wolves attack happened in real time

Towards the end of the episode, Carl takes Carol's food out of the oven, which indicates that the fight was actually in real-time. Her timer also syncs up with the end of the fight. Is this the first time we've seen an action sequence go down at regular speed?


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